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Whether you are moving your home, apartment, dorm or a storage unit, our residential movers are ready to assist you.

Residential Movers

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We don’t like to brag but we’ve moved some pretty big businesses around Vermont, and we’d be happy to move you too, no matter the size.
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Specialty Movers

If you are moving a piano, pool table, hot tub, appliance or any thing else in the state of Vermont Action Moving & Storage, Inc is ready.
Specialty Movers

Action Moving & Storage, Inc Proudly Serves All of Vermont – It’s Our Home

Whether you are seeking residential moving or commercial moving services locally, out-of-state, or are in dire need of extra space, Action Moving & Storage* can help you. In the last 12 months, we have completed 900 local and 300 out-of-state moves. We are in the business of providing world-class Vermont moving, interstate moving and international moving services. We pay close attention to detail and our meticulous planning allows us to arrive at your new destination damage-free!

We also offer special moving services for institutions, machine shops and banking ATM installations.

We have you covered, whether we are moving you to a new home or providing service through international trucking operations for companies such as IBM. There is no job too large or too small. If you need a moving company in Burlington, Colchester, South Burlington, Rutland, Essex Junction, Bennington, Barre, Williston, Montpelier, St. Johnsbury, Shelburne, or anywhere in Vermont, make sure to give us a call for a free estimate!

*Please note that our St. Albans storage facility is not associated with Atlas Van Lines.

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Action Moving & Storage, Inc. in Vermont

There’s no place quite like the Green Mountain State of Vermont. And as anyone who lives here can attest, it’s beautiful year round and there’s a whole lot more to do than skiing and snowboarding (though it is the best!). Speaking of the ‘best’, when it comes to moving and storage services in Vermont, you’ll find Action Moving & Storage, Inc not only has the the best quality movers, you’ll find that we also have the most affordable prices and that our professionals can expertly handle all moving situations.

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Moving doesn’t need to be a long, drawn out process. Action Moving & Storage, Inc takes away the pains of moving. With all the services offered, there’s no need for you to lose any sleep over any part of the process.

Action Moving & Storage, Inc moves everything. Yes, everything. Not sure exactly what services match your needs? Browse through our services below, or simply call (802) 893-1234 and our experienced professionals will help you make the best decision based on your unique moving situation. Don’t worry about feeling pressure or obligation when you call, that’s not the kind of people we are. You’ll have all your questions answered so that you can make the most informed decision.

We also sell moving boxes and put together a guide on how to get free moving boxes in Burlington.

Vermont Moving Rates

Action Moving & Storage, Inc understands that people move under all kinds of circumstances. Every move is special in some way and you deserve a quote that reflects your specific move. That’s why we provide a individual quote for every potential moving job that comes to us. Looking at each job individually means that you are also able to get the most accurate quote possible.

If you’re shopping for moving rates in Vermont, Action Moving & Storage, Inc makes it simple to get a moving quote: Call us at (802) 893-1234 or complete the quick quote request online. Either way you get the benefit of receiving a quote from our expert movers who have moved it all before. They’ve done it all, so nothing will surprise them. Our moving quotes are provided to you 100% free!

And like we mentioned before, there’s no obligation or pressure, and certainly no sales gimmicks. All you’ll get from Action Moving & Storage is a straight-forward, honest, and accurate moving quote. No hidden fees or service charges or anything of the sort. You don’t have time for any of that. There’s truly no job too big or too small for Action Moving & Storage, Inc. We do it all at a fair price to you.

Vermont Residential Moving Services

Cabins, apartments, suburb home or large estates; it doesn’t matter where you live or where you’re moving to, all your belongings deserve to be handled with care. Action Moving & Storage, Inc is respectful of every item down to the last box.

From the time our professional crew arrives, you’ll see a noticeable difference in the way we do things. Large items, including furniture, is loaded into protective 5’x7’x7’ wooden crates. Why? By securing the large items, risk of damage is nearly eliminated. Plus, when it all is loaded on to the trucks, there’s no worry about large items shifting and compromising the safety of smaller or more fragile items.

When all your belongings are loaded and the trucks are ready to roll, you’ll feel confident that Action Moving & Storage, Inc has your best interest in mind and all of your belongings are in good hands. No matter what residential moving services in Vermont you need, Action Moving & Storage, Inc is already on board.

Read more about our residential moving services.

Vermont Commercial Moving Service

Businesses are constantly evolving to match the needs of their customers and to find ways to work at greater efficiency. When it comes time for your office to move, you’re going to expect that the move will be done with the same attention to detail and organization you require from your employees.

Action Moving & Storage, Inc shares your values of hard work and dedication. You see, our professionals don’t just “wing-it” when it comes to commercial moving services in Vermont. No way. They come with a plan, or rather with an “Action plan” as we like to call it. You already know that having a plan cuts down on the time and the cost to complete a project, it’s the same with moving. Let us handle the logistics of your next big business move.

With rates that are already affordable, hiring Action Moving & Storage, Inc is the smart business move. Call us at (802) 893-1234 and make your commercial move the easiest one yet.

Read more about our commercial moving services.

Vermont Local Moving Services

So, you found the perfect starter home just the road, or maybe you’re finally moving to a home with all the acreage you’ve dreamed of way upstate—that’s great news! There is a lot of work that goes in to finding and securing a new place, but it’s exhilarating when you find it! Getting all your belongings there to make it truly feel like home shouldn’t take away from that feeling. Action Moving & Storage, Inc expert movers have the knowledge and experience to make sure you never have to worry about a thing.

From Brattleboro, to Ferrisburgh, and all the way north to Jay and Richford, Action Moving & Storage, Inc can handle all local moving services in Vermont. There’s a lot to love about this Green Mountain State, so we think it’s pretty great you’re sticking around.

Vermont Long Distance Moving Services

Local moves are one thing, but a long distance move has a way of becoming more emotional and overwhelming seemingly exponentially with every mile. It’s certainly not a task you wanna tackle alone. Action Moving & Storage, Inc happen to have vast experiences with long distance moving services in Vermont.

Our experts are willing to go the distance to ensure that every single one of your possessions arrives at your new location without so much as a smudge. So if you’re plans are taking you far and wide to the other side of the country, or just a few states over, you’ll be delighted by how easy and smooth such a big transition can really be with the right folks working for you.

Even for us, a long distance move over a few states, or even clear over to the Pacific, it’s a big deal, and our professionals take these moves very seriously because there are so many working parts to it. They take a good deal of planning. But what about an international move? Now, that’s a truly huge endeavor! And guess what? Yup, we do those too. Action Moving & Storage, Inc can move you anywhere.

Vermont Senior Moving Services

There’s a whole lot more to enjoy about Vermont than skiing and snowboarding. For seniors who aren’t hitting the slopes as often anymore, there’s an abundance of festivals, events, culture and fun to be found.

It’s more than common to reach a point where it is time to down size your home and consider alternative living arrangements. Retirement communities and moving in with family members are popular choices for the senior citizens of Vermont. And although it’s common place a move such as this takes a delicate hand. With Action Moving & Storage, Inc you’ll never have to question what the plan is. You see, our experts are not only the best movers, they’re also great listeners and communicators.

With Action Moving & Storage, Inc, you’ll get more than movers who get all your belongings from here to there, you also have the added advantage of storage solutions! When down sizing, it can take time to figure out exactly where your lifetime worth of treasures go. Save yourself time, space, and stress by storing what you don’t need immediately in storage with us. Just like everything else, you can be certain it’s all in the best care.

If you’re a senior on the move, or know someone who could use the help of senior moving services in Vermont, call Action Moving & Storage, Inc at (802) 893-1234. Our professionals provide exceptional care and have genuine care and respect for all senior citizens.

Vermont Specialty Moving Services

What pops in your mind when you think of specialty moving services? Probably pianos and organs, pool tables, refrigerators, those types of items and you’re absolutely correct. A specialty move is typically for a large awkward item that requires specific skills and equipment to move properly. It might not be all that exciting, but it certainly is a regular move Action Moving & Storage, Inc experts handle.

You know what is exciting about specialty moves? It means we get called to move all sorts of things that are completely out of the ordinary. Like what? Well, for instance, our professionals have moved entire libraries. Books, shelves, desks, computers, furniture, art—yes, entire full libraries. Now, that required a serious Action plan and a whole lot of organization. But it’s not our only experience with such a hefty move. We’ve packed, shipped, loaded and unloaded the complete contents of dormitories for not just one college, but several: UVM, Johnson State, Champlain College and Plattsburgh State.

Here’s a quick breakdown of just some of the specialty moves we’ve accomplished:

  • Pianos & Organs
  • Hot Tubs
  • Pool Tables
  • Household Appliances
  • Safes and ATMs
  • Dormitories and Libraries
  • Machine Shops

For our professionals at Action Moving & Storage, Inc, the size of the job is never an issue. Huge, tiny, bulky or delicate, all items are treated with top quality care. If it’s a residential move or a commercial move, or something else entirely, you’ll want to call us at (802) 893-1234 for any Vermont specialty moving services.

Read more about our specialty moving services.

Vermont Storage Services

Storage services and solutions come in handy more than you might think. You’re house is cluttered, but you have lot of family coming to town for a reunion? A home renovation project can mean rooms are unusable while they’re being updated, and the supplies take up quite a bit of space. Adding an addition on your home? You see? Storage facilities are are incredibly useful in keeping your belongings safe while giving you the space you need for whatever the reason.

And boy do we have space! Action Moving & Storage proudly manages two warehouse facilities. The larger facility is in Colchester at 12,000 square feet and though smaller, our second facility in St. Albans offers the same services, security and access to you. In addition to the warehouses, there are also self-storage units available which range in size from 50 to 3000 square feet to accommodate any number of belongings. As a customers you have 24-hour access to the self-storage units. Both the warehouses and self-storage units are secure, you’ll never have to worry about anyone accessing your belongings or being affected by outside elements.

Need on-site storage? Well, Action Moving & Storage, Inc had you covered with a fleet of 40 rentable trailers. Between moving and storage services in Vermont, Action Moving & Storage, Inc offers it all at fair and affordable rates.

Vermont Packing Services

Wishing all your packing for your upcoming moving could just magically be done, and done right? Well, wish no more! Call us at Action Moving & Storage, Inc and your wish can become your reality. Our professionals will save you time by expertly packing, wrapping, cushioning and overall protecting your possessions. They even come prepared with all the supplies needed to ensure the packing process is completed the correct way.

Not all people dread packing. Are you one of them? Even if your preference is to do your own packing, you’ll still need the right supplies. Skim though some of the different materials Action Moving & Storage, Inc can supply you with.


  • 1.5 Carton 12x12x18 $1.80 ea. Good for Books & Heavy Items
  • 3.1 Carton 20x16x16 $2.20 ea. Pots, Pans, Kitchen Utensils, Toys or Small Linens
  • 4.5 Carton 18x18x24 $2.60 ea. Linens, Lamp Bases, Pillows & Tupperware
  • 6.1 Carton 20x22x24 $2.80 ea. Lightweight Large Items Like Blankets, Pillows or Toys
  • 5.2 Dishpack 18x18x24 $5.40 ea. Extra Strength for China, Glass, Pots & All Kitchen Items
  • Mirror Carton Extends to 40×60 Call Two Part Telescoping Carton for Mirrors, Wall Art & Prints
  • Wardrobe Carton Holds 18? of Hanging Items Call For Hanging Clothes
  • Crib Mattress $5.00 ea.
  • Twin Mattress $6.50 ea.
  • Full Mattress $8.00 ea.
  • King/Queen Mattress $12.50 ea.
  • Padded Paper $2.00 sheet Newsprint 25 lb. bundle $21.85
  • Tape $2.50 roll

However you wish to get the packing done, Action Moving & Storage, Inc can grant you with the packing services in Vermont that you’re looking for.

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There’s a lot to love about Vermont, we hope Action Moving & Storage, Inc is just another reason on your list.

If you have any notions of moving and are in need of moving services in Vermont, for residential, local, commercial, senior or specialty moves, get your free quote from the experienced experts at Action Moving & Storage, Inc.

Put our experience and expertise to work for you and enjoy the move.